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Ordinary Days: a musical presented by MSU Theatre

Ordinary Days: a musical presented by MSU Theatre

September, 23 2021 - October 4, 2021 | 12:00 am

1147 Grand St Springfield, MO 65897

$24 Adults; $22 Students & Seniors; $16.50 in advance with MSU ID

Ordinary Days: A musical

Music and Lyrics by Adam Gwon

Directed by Lisa Brescia


Performance Dates:

7:30 p.m. Sept. 23-24, Sept. 27 – Oct. 1, and Oct. 4;

2:30 p.m. Sept. 26 and Oct. 3

Craig Hall Balcony Theatre

There is no late seating in the Balcony Theatre


$24 Adults; $22 Students & Seniors;

$16.50 in advance with MSU ID 


Four young New Yorkers are searching for love and meaning amidst the frenetic pace of the big city. 


Jason is hoping to move his relationship with Claire to the next level by moving into her apartment, but merging their lives means that both must let go of mementos and attachments of the past, and tensions are rising between the couple. Meanwhile, deadline-driven grad student Deb is frantic over losing the research notes for her thesis on Virginia Woolf. Fortunately, they are found by Warren, a struggling artist who suggests that Deb meet him at the Metropolitan Museum of Art so he can return her notes. Little do they know that their meeting will have a profound effect, not only on their own lives, but also on Jason and Claire! 


Events unfold through a series of connected vignettes and songs that capture the random yet pivotal moments of our Ordinary Days — and make them extraordinary!