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Slow Viewing: Eric Beltz

Slow Viewing: Eric Beltz

September, 26 2022 | 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

215 W Mill St Springfield, Missouri 65806

Join artists in Slow Viewing Eric Beltz’s drawing “California Condor” currently on view at Brick City Gallery.
Slow Viewing is a supportive practice for anyone wanting to spend time with artwork, slow down, or develop their skills of interpretation, observation and discussing art. Guests will collectively spend an hour carefully observing and speaking about Beltz’s work. Resulting in a deep understanding of how they and others relate to the artwork and each other.
This program is developed and facilitated by the artist Shauna LeAnn Smith. All are welcome and encouraged to join. Brick City Galleries’ address is 215 W Mill St. Find free public parking lots and street parking on the south side of Brick City.