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A barista prepares a pour over coffee drink at Rove Coffee Roasting & Tasting Room
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Rove Coffee Roasting & Tasting Room strengthen’s Downtown’s coffee scene

November 14, 2019

No neighborhood can caffeinate you quite like Downtown Springfield. The coffee scene is even stronger now with the addition of Rove Coffee Roasting & Tasting Room.

It’s the second location for Rove, which started at Springfield-Branson National Airport. This shop will be a little different. It will offer pour-overs, brewed coffee and retail bags of beans.

“This location is completely different than our coffee shop in the airport because it is primarily focused on the roasting of our coffees for wholesale and retail,” Kaitlyn Palmquist, Rove’s general manager, said. “We supply coffees to several local businesses including Springfield’s favorite breakfast spot, Gailey’s! We’ve created the tasting room as a sensory experience for customers new to our coffees. When they walk in the door, customers can see the coffees being roasted, smell the aroma of freshly ground coffee, plus taste the richness of our carefully curated family of coffees.”

Coffee for all

Do words like “Tasting Room” and “pour-overs” intimidate you? Don’t let that stop you from checking out Rove. The downtown location is for everyone from coffee newbies to bean connoisseurs.

“Our heart for people when it comes to coffee is to be inclusive. We love talking coffee with those who want to know more,” Palmquist said. “The tasting room is a perfect way for people who are wanting to know more about coffee to learn in a safe environment. There are no dumb questions in our space! I think what makes our roasting facility unique, is that we have time to host questions because we’re staffed to focus on the customer coming through the door with coffee questions.”

That educational mission could also include community-minded coffee events in the future. Palmquist said those events will be for newbies and puritans alike.

Rove Coffee Roasting & Tasting Room’s scaled-back menu is another plus. Simple orders means less time waiting for your drink. It’s perfect when you need a quick cup to go.

“There’s no waiting in line behind others who have ordered more-complicated drinks, but a fast and easy way to get a simple cup in a short amount of time,” Palmquist said. “We also offer pour-overs for those coffee drinkers that are interested in a more complex cup.”

Downtown’s newest coffee gem

Rove could’ve selected any neighborhood for its new roasting operation and tasting room. But there was just something special about the heart of the Queen City.

“Downtown Springfield was an ideal location because of the local culture it encompasses,” Palmquist said. “We are passionate about not only coffee, but being a part of the Springfield community through featuring local artists and curating events in the future. With all of these factors in mind, Downtown Springfield clearly became the goal for our newest venture.”

Go see that venture for yourself at 306 West McDaniel St., next door to Tinga Tacos. They’re open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. To keep up with all the happenings at the Roasting & Tasting Room, follow Rove on Instagram (@rovecoffeeroasting) and Facebook.

Is your local business interested in opening a wholesale account? Visit and fill out their online form, or email Palmquist at